One-way or strict regulated two-way traffic

  • Two application layer 7 firewall
  • Designed for SCADA- and Smart Industry
  • Compatible with common protocols 
  • Technology based on certified firewall
  • Compatible to run in the cloud

Industrial security

In the smart industry (Industry 4.0), industrial systems and sensors are at the heart of organizations. Organization’s main concern is that these systems have to be operational 24 hours 365 days a year. They are so important and may not be out of service for more than 5 minutes. Security comes after operational results and that makes the systems and sensors more vulnerable to attacks.

With the use of MagiCtwin, these problems belong to the past. Extra security will no longer influence the 100% availability. Indeed, the OT network can be fully separated from the IT network. Depending on the needs of the customer the MagiCtwin can have one-way or controlled two-way network communication.

MagiCtwin consists of one device with two compartments, which are completely separated from each other. Both compartments are designed to work independently from one another and have their own motherboard, power and network connections. The MagiCtwin can be delivered in two different models: MagiCtwin Diode or MagiCtwin Firewall2.

Both models are compatible to run on a virtual system and could be used in the cloud. Even both sides of the diode are country and network independent.


Unique features


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