CompuMail Gateway

Automatic e-mail encryption & signing

  • Standard protocols
  • No software on external site required
  • Easy to use management
  • In control of own data
  • GDPR proof 
  • Compliance with EDI@Energy standards for the german energy sector
  • S/MIME
  • Open PGP
  • PDFMail functionality
  • CompuWebmail functionality
  • Multiclustering functionality 
  • Mailmapping
  • History log (input monitoring or logging)
  • Support of DKIM
  • Support of elliptic curve
  • Support of V-LAN
  • ICAP Support
  • RESTful API Interface
  • Software also available in VHD format on request
  • And many more features!

Secure and easy to use

CompuMail Gateway is a high-end to solution encrypt e-mails. The sender doesn’t need to do anything to send an encrypted e-mail and the recipient doesn’t need to have any IT knowledge or infrastructure. The software is very easy to integrate in existing networks, to manage by a central web management, and the end-user doesn’t need to do anything to send encrypted e-mails.

Central management

CompuMail Gateway is a software application, which is centrally integrated in the SMTP chain. The encryption can be done with standard protocols (S/MIME, OpenPGP) or specially designed protocols whereby the recipient doesn’t need to have any IT knowledge or infrastructure. The rule base could be easily set-up within the central management and all encryption keys will be stored in the gateway.


Unique features


Central management

The implementation and administration of the CompuMail Gateway can easily be done by the web management. The administrator can add rules and groups for the users. These rules are binding and can’t be denied. CompuMail Gateway encrypts and signs e-mails of users to predefined e-mail addresses of user groups automatically. The responsibility is transferred from the end-user to the administrator.

Key management

Public and private keys from users are stored and collected in the central management. The public keys from the external ‘users’ will also be stored in the central management.


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