successful interoperability testing of certified VPN solutions

Compumatica and TheGreenBow jointly announce the successful interoperability testing of their respective certified VPN solutions. Both solutions combined provide a perfect end-to-end VPN connection for “Restricted Use” environments required by government agencies, European institutions and NATO. The certification levels achieved by both companies provide a strong guarantee for the reliability and the high standards of the implemented security mechanisms.

Common Criteria is an international standard ratified by 26 countries (ISO 50408), providing a standardized set of rules for the evaluation of the security level of IT security product for within government organizations and strategic operators.

Common Criteria Certification testifies the level of security provided by IT security solutions for use by government organizations and strategic operators, regarding the protection of sensitive data.

TheGreenBow VPN client and Compumatica CryptoGuard VPN are both qualified for NATO restricted and EU restricted use, allowing the use for the transmission of classified information within NATO, EU and EUROCOR agencies.

Both companies are totally committed to provide the best possible protection to their clients for the security of their vital information and the best possible customer service.

About TheGreenBow

TheGreenBow is a leading French Software editor established in Paris since 1998 providing endpoint security solutions, specializing in data encryption. With more than one million licenses distributed in over 70 countries, TheGreenBow is a leading provider of VPN client Software with Common Criteria EAL3+ certification delivered by the French National IT Security Agency (ANSSI). TheGreenBow VPN client has also been qualified for NATO restricted and EU restricted.

About Compumatica

Compumatica, established in 1991, is the only Dutch crypto manufacturer with offices in The Hague, Uden and Aachen (Germany). Compumatica develops cybersecurity solutions that are certified by Dutch Government, European Union and NATO. Several governmental agencies in The Netherlands, Germany and European Union are using the CryptoGuard VPN technology for decades.

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