Compumatica has its own support team with years of experience and deep knowledge of both the Compumatica products and the IT security marketed. Due to the fact that the support employees belong to our team, you are ensured that you are supported fast and adequately

  • Training on demand

  • Telephone support

  • E-mail support

Training on demand

Are you responsible for the network security of your company and use or will use the Compumatica products? Our professionally equipped training centers in Würselen (Germany) or in Uden (The Netherlands) provide you with the best opportunities.

Special development

Due to good investigation of the market developments, listening to customers and monitoring of threats, Compumatica is able to design and develop innovative solutions which fulfill the requirements of the customers. The knowledge and experience of these solutions are taken into the next innovative projects, so that we will stay experts in the area of IT security. The products of Compumatica are continued developed, as the adding of functionality, new platforms and optimization of existing functionalities.

Due to the flexibility of our organization it is possible to develop solutions for customer specific requests and to implement in new or existing products. During the process from scratch to release there is a close communication with the customer and, if necessary, adaptations take place. The development is only finished when the customer is satisfied, that is our statement.

Installation at the customer's site

Customers can choose to let install the equipment by Compumatica engineers. They have the knowledge of the product and can integrate it in the correct way into the existing network. Together with the customer the process is identified step by step.


To ensure the correct operational sequence for goods to return, Compumatica introduced the RMA procedure. Click on the RMA button and follow the procedure. Please fill the form in as complete as possible, otherwise it could occur a delay in the process.