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SCADA / ICS Security

  • SCADA / ICS Security

    Vital infrastructures are controlled via several Process Control Systems (PCS). These were until recently specific systems. To increase efficiency Process Control Systems are more and more connected to the office network and internet.

    Due to the connection of the Process Control Systems to the internet and that they don’t always have the latest software versions there is a risk that these systems can be hacked. The effects of a successful attack of a nuclear power station, airport or railway network are unforeseeable. Criminals nowadays know that they can earn a lot of money by manipulation of control systems like measurement systems.


    The solution for this security issue is CompuDiode by Compumatica. With CompuDiode access to the PCS systems from the internet is protected which makes attacks from the outside impossible.

    CompuDiode consists of an ‘air gap’ and two NextGen firewalls (CompuWall). An ‘air gap’ is a fiber connection and works as a diode whereby only one traffic direction is possible. The diode separates the two networks from each other which means that the control circuitry (PCS) can reach the internet but not the other way around. Attacks from the outside are not possible anymore.

    To provide an extra secure solution CompuDiode contains two NextGen firewalls, one for each network. The NextGen firewall combines simple management with a high level security and a powerful working due to the security principle: “Everything not explicitly allowed is strictly forbidden.” The responsibility of data control is thus transferred from the employee to the administrator.

    Other advantages

    • Network completely shlelded
    • Special proxies
    • Extra security by firewalls
    • Efficient central management
    • Suitable for Industrial environments 


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