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Network Security

  • Network Security

    Cybercrime and cyber espionage exist since the start of the internet, but in recent years the number of successful attacks with their focus on company networks and mobile appliances has increased. Restricted information is not only stored on the company network, but also on laptops, tablets and mobile phones and is often easily accessible. Many companies don’t secure their networks sufficiently and don’t have enough control over where sensitive information is used and stored.


    With the CompuWall Compumatica designed a solution for this issue. CompuWall is a combination of the own Compumatica VPN concentrator and the Compumatica Next Generation firewall in one. Thanks to the merging of these functionalities it is very user-friendly for both the administrator and the user. CompuWall is a software product without any license limitation regarding the number of concurrent users. 

    Next Generation Firewall

    Next Generation application layer (layer 7) firewall by Compumatica takes care that the company network is optimally secured. CompuWall combines simple management with high level security and powerful functionality by the security principle: “Everything not explicitly allowed is strictly forbidden.” The responsibility of data control is transferred from the employee to the administrator. Only authorized users will get access to the internal networks.

    VPN Concentrator

    In this modern day and age everybody wants to be connected with each other independent of time and place. During a meeting or holiday, reading e-mails, checking latest order status or downloading a document from the corporate network are normal activities. Many people are not aware that the use of mobile networks is very unsecure.

    To safely operate Compumatica developed a VPN concentrator for CompuWall. A secure connection using an unsecure WiFi hotspot or other network to connect to the corporate networks can be made thanks to CompuWall. The user can work online around the world on the corporate network with laptops, smartphones or tablets!

    Certified for

    Other advantages

    • Network completely protected
    • Antivirus and antispam
    • Securely online everywhere in the world
    • Efficient central management
    • One price fits all


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