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Network Encryption

  • Network Encryption

    Company networks today are connected via all kind of public networks, and the communication between these networks is routed over many junctions and connections from different providers. Providers and hackers can easily intercept data and use it for espionage and commercial activities.

    Companies are almost not aware about the risks of their data transport over unknown networks and what the consequences might be if the data fall into the wrong hands.

    CryptoGuard VPN

    With CryptoGuard VPN you are completely protected because CryptoGuard VPN controls all the IP traffic between different locations. With the use of CryptoGuard VPN the connection is secured because the data is encrypted and thus unreadable.

    CryptoGuard VPN is very easy to integrate in existing networks, to be managed via a central management, and the end-user doesn’t have to do anything to work in a secure way.

    It is necessary that both locations have a CryptoGuard VPN (or another IPsec solution) installed, so that the encrypted data can be decrypted to readable data. When CryptoGuard VPN is implemented in the networks, all data between networks will (after the right configuration by the management) automatically be encrypted and decrypted.

    Certified for

    Other advantages

    • Transparant encryption
    • Proven technology
    • Throughput up to 10 Gbps
    • Efficient central management
    • For small and large networks


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