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BYOD Security

  • BYOD Security

    The opportunities of smartphones and tablets become more comprehensive, and the devices are used more and more for business purposes. Employees use their own device both for private and business purposes. This trend is called “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD). Organizations see new opportunities and the productivity of employee increases.

    BYOD is very popular among employees but holds high risks. Employees make use of unsecured WiFi hotspots, send e-mails with attachments in an unsecure way over the internet, and in case of a device loss the confidential company information is in the streets.


    To solve these issues Compumatica introduced a secure mobile application called CompuPIM. CompuPIM provides a complete separation of private and business data by using a secure container. The application was developed to store all data within the container in an encrypted way so that they can only be decrypted for use after the required authentication has taken place.

    The application contains almost all functionalities which an employee uses during his work such as encrypted e-mail, contacts, agenda, browser and document storage.

    CompuPIM uses iOS and can be applied on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is available as software and hardware. For the hardware version CompuPIM is even more secure because there is an additional authentication by using a smartcard.

    CompuPIM is very user-friendly and very easy for both the integration and the management. CompuPIM had the same interface as iOS and is very easy to use by the end-user.

    Other advantages

    • Secure container
    • Encrypted e-mail
    • Secure external application
    • Connection with company network
    • Efficient central management

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