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  • MagiCtwin


    In the smart industry (Industry 4.0), industrial systems and sensors are at the heart of organizations. Organization’s main concern is that these systems have to be operational 24 hours 365 days a year. They are so important and may not be out of service for more than 5 minutes. Security comes after operational results and that makes the systems and sensors more vulnerable to attacks.

    With the use of MagiCtwin, these problems belong to the past. Extra security will no longer influence the 100% availability. Indeed, the OT network can be fully separated from the IT network. Depending on the needs of the customer the MagiCtwin can have one-way or controlled two-way network communication. 

    MagiCtwin consists of one device with two compartments, which are completely separated from each other. Both compartments are designed to work independently from one another and have their own motherboard, power and network connections. The MagiCtwin can be delivered in two different models: MagiCtwin Diode or MagiCtwin Firewall2.

    MagiCtwin Diode

    The MagiCtwin Diode is a classic data diode, where only one-way traffic is possible. By having one-way network communication, the OT and IT network can be fully separated and there is no communication traffic possible from the OT to the IT network. Successful attacks from the outside, for example, from the internet are no longer possible.

    MagiCtwin Firewall2

    With the use MagiCtwin Firewall2 two-way network communication is possible. However, thanks to both firewalls, it can be fully regulated. With a double firewall, specific protocols can be allowed, while others will be blocked.

    NextGen Firewall

    With the NextGen application layer 7 Firewall all IP packets will first be checked before they are allowed in the network. The firewall combines user-friendliness with high security due to the principle of ‘everything which is not allowed, is strictly forbidden’.


  • Network completely shielded

    With CompuDiode the Process Control Systems are protected against attacks from the outside. The air gap only allows one-way traffic which ensures that the PCS systems are not reachable from the internet.

  • Special proxies

    CompuDiode contains proxies which are specifically developed for industrial environments. These proxies are part of the internal NextGen firewalls.

  • Extra security by firewalls

    In principle, the air gap is sufficient to secure the PCS systems against attacks from the outside. By the addition of two NextGen firewalls two extra controls are applied. Therefore, CompuDiode is extra secure.

  • Security principle firewall

    Security is for Compumatica of ultimate interest. Misconfiguration with security leakages as a result is excluded because the NextGen firewalls in default modus know the following principle: “Everything not explicitly allowed is strictly forbidden.’’

  • Classified networks

    Due to the physical separation of the NextGen Firewalls, CompuDiode can be integrated very well as a separation between unclassified networks and thus forbids the traffic from high to low networks. This is also known as red/black separation.

  • Sustainable solution

    With multifunctional applications, CompuDiode is a sustainable solution. CompuDiode can be installed in many ways and has a long life time. CompuDiode is suitable for mobile, industrial and office environments.

  • Efficient central management

    The control of CompuDiode is very easy. The air gap doesn’t need to be configured and works from the moment when it is connected to two networks. Both firewalls can easily be managed via the web management. 

  • Suitable for industrial environments

    CompuDiode is very suitable for industrial environments because it isshockproof, works at temperatures between -20° and +55° Celsius, doesn’t contain any fans and has a long life time.