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  • CompuWall


    With the CompuWall Compumatica designed a solution for this issue. CompuWall is a combination of the own Compumatica VPN concentrator and the Compumatica Next Generation firewall in one. Thanks to the merging of these functionalities it is very user-friendly for both the administrator and the user. CompuWall is a software product without any license limitation regarding the number of concurrent users.

    Next Generation Firewall

    Next Generation application layer (layer 7) firewall by Compumatica takes care that the company network is optimally secured. CompuWall combines simple management with high level security and powerful functionality by the security principle: “Everything not explicitly allowed is strictly forbidden.” The responsibility of data control is transferred from the employee to the administrator. Only authorized users will get access to the internal networks.

    The administrator can easily adapt black and white lists with the web management and create new security policies. By using the web management each CompuWall in the world can be managed from one location.

    VPN Concentrator

    To safely operate Compumatica developed a VPN concentrator for CompuWall. A secure connection using an unsecure WiFi hotspot or other network to connect to the corporate networks can be made thanks to CompuWall. The user can work online around the world on the corporate network with laptops, smartphones or tablets!

    Certified for


  • Security principle

    Security is very important for Compumatica. Misconfiguration with as result security leaks is excluded because CompuWall in default modus applies the principle. ”Everything not explicitly allowed is strictly forbidden.”

  • Secure is really secure

    All traffic through the CompuWall is inspected and the integrity is guaranteed by AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment). Even the smallest manipulation is detected and reported. CompuWall uses a hardened Linux system as operating system. 

  • Extra features Firewall

    In the eXtended Unified Threat Management (XTM) firewall software freeware spamfilters (SpamAssassin) and virus scanners (ClamAV) are integrated. For phishing and malware protection Google Safe Browsing is used.

  • Network completely protected

    CompuWall has several proxies by which the network is completely separated from the internet. The proxies allow data packet transport via two secure TCP stacks from the internet to the network and vice versa.

  • Secure online everywhere in the world

    With OpenVPN or IPsec the user can very easily set up a secure connection to the company network, even from the most unsecure WiFi connections. CompuWall can work together with client software of the most known operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Efficient central management

    By using the intuitive web management the administrator can simply add users, adopt black and white lists and create new security policies. With the web management it is possible to manage each CompuWall around the world from one location.

  • One price fits all

    CompuWall has one price without any additional costs and is unlimited regarding the amount of internal and connected users. This makes CompuWall very cost efficient for large organizations. 

  • Reduce cost of ownership

    CompuWall can easily be integrated in all networks, even in the most complex structure. Due to the easy integration, CompuWall is an efficient investment and reduces the total cost of ownership.