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  • CompuPIM


    Compumatica introduced a secure mobile application called CompuPIM. CompuPIM provides a complete separation of private and business data by using a secure container. The application was developed to store all data within the container in an encrypted way so that they can only be decrypted for use after the required authentication has taken place.

    The application contains almost all functionalities which an employee uses during his work such as encrypted e-mail, contacts, agenda, browser and document storage.

    CompuPIM uses iOS and can be applied on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is available as software and hardware. For the hardware version CompuPIM is even more secure because there is an additional authentication by using a smartcard.

    CompuPIM is very user-friendly and very easy for both the integration and the management. CompuPIM had the same interface as iOS and is very easy to use by the end-user.

    Central Management

    The management of CompuPIM is done via the Mobile Application Management (MAM) portal and is very user-friendly. Via the MAM portal the administrator can easily force binding rules with regards to passwords, lock-down period, sending of e-mail, black and white lists of the browser and so on.

    On the MAM portal users can be easily added and removed as long as the amount of licenses isn’t exceeded. In case that a device is lost or stolen, the administrator can remotely wipe the private key so that the application isn’t accessible anymore.


  • Separation of private and business

    CompuPIM is a secure application which by use of a secure container separates private and business data from each other. The application is only activated when the user has authenticated, and closes itself automatically when the user switches to the private environment.

  • Secure container

    All data on CompuPIM is stored in an encrypted way in a secure container and will be decrypted as soon as the user logs in. The secure container isn’t reachable by other applications, and thus a leakage of data is excluded.

  • Encrypted e-mail

    With CompuPIM it is possible and very easy to send, receive and control encrypted and signed e-mails to and from other users. The encryption works with S/MIME.

  • Secure external application

    It is possible to integrate company applications in CompuPIM. These are added as additional functionalities. The data of these applications is also stored in an encrypted way in the secure container.

  • Connection with company network

    With the browser functionality in CompuPIM it is possible to make a VPN connection. With VPN it is possible to establish a secure connection to the company network, for example to download documents and other files.

  • Efficient central management

    Via the Mobile Application Management (MAM) portal the administrator can easily add and delete users, implement security policies, etc. CompuPIM is very efficient and cost saving for an organization.

  • Reduced cost of ownership

    The CompuPIM can very easily be integrated in existing infrastructures. The e-mail, contacts and agenda functionalities can be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange and with ActiveSync versions.

  • Easy in use

    CompuPIM has the same “look and feel” as the iOS operating system. The functionalities of the application are very easy to use. CompuPIM is therefore very user-friendly and the user needs no additional training.