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  • CompuMobile


    To prevent interception Compumatica developed the CompuMobile solution. You can extend your existing smartphone to a phone which can be used for secure calling, secure SMS and secure messaging. CompuMobile is a software application in combination with a secure MicroSD card. The application will be installed from the MicroSD card and works on Android and BlackBerry smartphones. CompuMobile encrypts your phone call by using modern encryption methods.

    Total solution

    CompuMobile is unique in the market, because it is a total security solution. It consists of three components. These components take care for additional security and easy use of CompuMobile.

    Secure MicroSD card

    A special MicroSD is placed in the smartphone. The configuration data and the software application are installed on the MicroSD card. The installation is very easy, and within a few minutes your smartphone will work and you can make secure calls, send secure SMS and use secure messaging. The software application makes use of the encryption methods AES 256 and ECDH. The MicroSD card is EAL5+ certified.

    Own VoIP server

    The VoIP server works as a kind of telephone exchange and can be managed by the customer himself or be offered as a cloud service by Compumatica. The communication between the smartphones is relayed via the VoIP server which makes use of an own designed protocol to exchange the data. Using this protocol the data is not recognized as a phone call and will not be blocked by the provider.

    Key Management System

    With the KMS (Key Management System) the administrator can configure the MicroSD, set up user groups and decide who is allowed to communicate with each other. The KMS generates encryption keys and distributes them to the smartphones.

    BlackBerry OS 5 & 7 certified for


  • Excellent voice quality

    CompuMobile makes use of a special vocoder, which leads to an excellent voice quality. The quality is at least the same as in a clear call, but very often it is much better. The delay is very low.

  • Provider independent

    An own protocol is used for the communication that encrypts the data. Providers don’t recognize the protocol and can’t block it. CompuMobile can thus be used worldwide. CompuMobile requires a WiFi, EDGE, satellite, UMTS or LTE connection.

  • Wake-up call

    The wake-up call is a very easy mechanism to reach a user who is not connected to the VoIP server. This is done by sending a special SMS, which gives the recipient the possibility to connect with the VoIP server. The wake-up call is designed to save battery power and roaming costs.

  • Flash SMS

    With CompuMobile it is possible to send an encrypted flash SMS that deletes itself after it has completely been read. The sender determines if it is sent as a standard encrypted SMS or as flash SMS.

  • Easy in use

    CompuMobile is not only a very secure solution for phone calls, but also very easy in use. The application is installed within a few minutes and has the same “look and feel” as the used platform, which makes it easy to handle for the user.

  • Easy to manage

    The administrator can easily add rules to the VoIP/KMS server, set up user groups, view log files, add updates, (de)activate accounts and wipe the device in case the smartphone is lost or stolen.

  • Additional security

    “Man-in-the-middle” attacks are in principle not possible. However, extra security to control this has been added. There is an option to check the authentication at the start of the call.

  • App for smartphone

    CompuMobile is a software application for smartphones with Android or BlackBerry operating system with additional hardware. The software can be installed very easily from the MicroSD card.