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Press publications

  • Compumatica nominated for Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Award

    With the Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards, the IPACSO consortium, supported by the European Commission, awards Privacy and Cyber Security Innovators in Europe.

    IPACSO is mainly intended for researching for organizations and ICT security industry companies that are active in the domain of privacy and cyber security. But the project is also reaching out to potential security & privacy innovators from other domains such as legal, social networking, market developments. By reaching out to IPACSO, they will learn from existing methodologies, best practices, market considerations, economic incentives and other expertise. They will connect with other innovators, business support organizations and financing and get visibility for their innovations from IPACSO promotional activities both directly to the market and media.


    S-BYOD has been developed to secure business data on privately owned mobile devices. S-BYOD is completely built onto a MicroSD card and is controlled by an app on the device, which is installed from the MicroSD card. S-BYOD makes use of “secure containers” on the secure MicroSD card. It consists of two parts: the MicroSD storage and the MicroSD secure element. The secure element provides the cryptographic back-end while the MicroSD storage contains the stored encrypted local files.

    The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, 23rd October at Living Tomorrow, in Brussels Belgium, with inspiring presentations and discussions of the commission, government officials, researchers, and the security industry, and information about the most innovative research, solutions and approaches today to secure our privacy and protect our assets and critical infrastructures.

    Click here for the press publication in PDF.