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Compumatica was founded in 1991 and was located in Uden (the Netherlands) with a small office. In the early years the main activity of Compumatica was consultancy, sales and investigation on security infrastructure and social engineering for organizations. After several years of working as a consultancy, Compumatica moved its focus and became a manufacturer of IT security solutions by taking over the technology of Utimaco Safeware (KryptoKom). To overcome conflicting interests the decision was taken to stop the consultancy activities.   

In 2002, Compumatica opened a subsidiary in Germany (Aachen). Due to the new subsidiary the workforce was increased up to thirty employees. The technology of Philips Crypto was taken over one year later. Due to the take-over of these technologies and employees Compumatica was capable to improve its existing security solutions and invest in new solutions.

In 2006, the CompuMail Gateway was introduced and the complete CryptoGuard VPN family was certified by the Dutch government and approved by the NATO.

In 2008, Compumatica moved to larger premises in Uden. Due to the increasing demand for new IT security solutions the CompuMobile, CompuDiode and CompuPIM are developed.

The technology of .vantronix was added to the portfolio in 2011. .vantronix focuses on routers and firewalls and is as European manufacturer an alternative for American/Chinese routers and firewalls (www.vantronix.com).

In 2014, Compumatica has premises in the Netherlands (Uden), Germany (Würselen) and the solutions are sold and used world-wide. Each day more than fifty employees are working on your security.


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