Compumatica and TEPCO IEC signed Memorandum Of Understanding

Tokyo, 10 June 2019

On Monday, 10 June 2019, in Tokyo, TEPCO IEC and Compumatica signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU). The two organizations expressed their intention to collaborate within the scope of their mandates and sphere of competence to provide secure Next Generation SCADA technology.


Compumatica is a Dutch security vendor which have created a tailored solution to secure utility networks. The modern power grids are connected with the internet and  have to be designed against cyber-attacks which could lead to a disaster. Compumatica provides the technology to create secure boundaries in the network and encrypt all data within the power grid.  


The technology of both companies will be tested with different scenario’s, including specific protocols which are used in the Japanese energy utility markets. So far both companies have together visited multiple energy utilities to implement the secure Next Generation SCADA technology.





TEPCO IEC is a power control system design and operation consulting company. TEPCO IEC provides designs for a “strong power control system” complete with cyber security measures based on operational technology from the high-quality power control systems developed by TEPCO Power Grid. The designs are both high-quality & low-cost. Our company was established in July 2017.



Compumatica is a Dutch cyber security manufacturer specialized in crypto (network encryption, e-mail encryption) and network segmentation (firewall, Diode) and exists since 1991. The products have different security certifications from The Netherlands, European Union and NATO. All products (software & hardware) are built and developed in Europe.

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